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We are into Designing, Manufacturing & Projects

We are also developing many new products in this segment which will bring revolutionary change in this field. We are market leaders due to our strong engineering and design background and shall remain on top with our renewed focus on Research & Development.

Years of Experience

LPG Vaporiser

Burner Conversions

Industry Application

End to End Solution


Energy Audit

Field Study by dedicated team of experts
Analysis of data collected during audit
Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

It is a preventive maintenance.
Annual contract will reduce the downtime.
Operations & Maintenance Contract

Operations & Maintenance Contract

The simplest management contracts involve the private operator being paid a fixed fee by the awarding authority

24 X 7 Support

Dedicated team of managers, engineers, and experienced technicians

Generation Industrial Burners – BluFlam Tech Series

Some of Powerful features are as follows –

  • Suitable for Preheated combustion air up to 350 °C.
  • Fully Automatic with Step less Modulation.
  • Multi Fuel (GAS/ OIL) , Most Suitable for LPG, NG/ FO, LDO, HSD.
  • Available up to very High capacities 10 Mkcal/ Hr.
  • Highest Efficiency up to 98%
  • Developed from team having strong experience of dedicated 17 years in Gas & Thermal engineering. 

Client Testimonials

“It was refreshing to see such well -ordered manufacturing and a team dedicated to quality production of LPG equipment.”




“This was a Prestigious and important project for our organisation, and you had handled the project successfully from the beginning & handed over it to our management in time.”


Fortune Select Exotica

(Unit of Exotic Cuisines Pvt Ltd)

“In such Pandemic Situation the Liquigas team has guided us to overcome with Burner firing, they helped us with the installation of necessary spare parts by online(remotely) only and with technical guidance provided by their team”

Sumathi Foods

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